24th June 2024 apmuve

James Gruntz

Welcome to muve recordings

Welcome James Gruntz

James Gruntz is back with his brand-new single “2560” and announces the release of his 7th studio album along with an extensive club tour at the end of the year.

The award-winning singer and songwriter James Gruntz has been a prominent figure in the Swiss music scene since 2007 and is now signed with muve recordings (Musikvertrieb AG).
With six LPs, two EPs, and over 500 shows under his belt, he has garnered a loyal following and critical acclaim. His hits “HEART KEEPS DANCING” and “YOU” have achieved gold status and led to sold-out tours. Featured on various media platforms – including Netflix, Facebook series, movies and TV adverts – James Gruntz’s music captures audiences worldwide. In his latest single “2560,” he takes a nostalgic journey back to his childhood in Nidau, reflecting on memories that have shaped him as an artist. November 1st, 2024, will mark the release of his upcoming album, which showcases his distinctive songwriting style and musical evolution.

The new single “2560” is coming out this Friday; you can pre-add/pre-save here!