26th July 2019 MUVE_VC

Freshly updated playlists

We have freshly updated playlists!

Don’t miss the new tracks on our own curated playlists “Hot New Tracks” and “Chart Addict“.

Our team chooses the tracks every week by searching them on all different platforms, international charts and personal preferences.

So our playlists are curated manually and with a lot of time, love and affection. We try to stay up to date every week and to catch a great choice of cool and fresh tunes from different styles. The playlist “Hot New Tracks” is actually a big mix of genres and renewed every Friday. There are many songs being replaced. But if there’s a song we feel for more than one week, he is free to stay there and enjoy his time in this playlist. The list “Chart addict” is a little bit a less personal list, as the name says, we choose the songs by clicking through different national and international charts. Not depending on if it is streaming charts, sales charts and so on. So there’s a great mix of different countries and it is absolutely not a copy paste list. Why wasting your time with that? 😉

Find our updated lists right here on Spotify.

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