16th December 2021 MUVE_AP

Lazer Boomerang – going viral

Time to pretend

A Swiss production going viral in China

“Time to pretend“, a song written and produced in a loney cabin in Finland back in 20219, all of a sudden gained huge popularity on TikTok and in numerous Chinese social media & video platforms and none one really has a clue how it went viral 3 years after its release. But this might be the beginning of a new success story…! More news, soon… Be sure that Swiss producer LAZER BOOMERANG is gonna kick some serious butt with his new and upcoming tunes. An EP is planned for spring 2022! Stay tuned!


Swiss musician Lazer Boomerang has his own way to cope with loss of loved ones, depression and heartbreaks. As an orphan, he had to fight his way through life. Maybe that’s why his music always feels honest and optimistic, even in its darkest outings.

He lives the love for pure pop-songs, good indie-music and 80s-tunes. Combining those genres into his very own unique style is, what drives the swiss musician. Or as he always says: “Maybe failing, but at least trying”.

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