20th March 2020 MUVE_VC

New pop music straight outta Lerocque’s studio

Veneno - "poison", is out now

New pop song by Swiss singer Lerocque

His second single called “Veneno” is finally here.

As for the previous single “Hanging Out With The Cool Kids“, Lerocque has again been able to do a masterpiece of a videoclip for Veneno. The video has been released last week whilst the song is brand new and release today, 20th March.

Lerocque’s thoughts to Veneno are:

Where do you hide the body in cellar?
Your little, dark secret that no one should ever discover?
Don’t deny, we both know it.
Everyone has such.
That’s a good thing, I guess.
The world doesn’t need to know everything about you.
More so, as we’re all becoming more and more vitreous.
But this firewall won’t be hacked.
Just a little tip:
The lower the sun, the longer your shadow.
Just don’t let it take control.
…or is it already too late?

Check out the song and videoclip on all digital platforms.

New pop music straight outta Lerocque's studio
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