10th June 2024 apmuve

Summer Vibes

Keep me guessing - WE ARE AVA

Single “Keep me Guessing” – out now

Following the release of the dreamy, wistful ballad High, WE ARE AVA are once again hitting powerful, ear-catching notes. With Keep Me Guessing, the trio delivers synth-pop at its finest and the defining soundtrack for summer!

«Don’t keep me guessing, oh. Let us jump right to the good part. Don’t leave me hanging, oh. Let us make our moves the right way. Left, right, back and forth, feel like you can see my worth. I know we‘re good for each other.»

Straightforward and captivating, the new single tells of the sizzling excitement of beginning a romance, the back and forth, to and fro: «Drop the act and show me your cards. Put my heart on a plate for you, come and take it.» Despite the playful, flying vibe, the fatigue of endless games and increased insecurities can be felt, which ends in the desire for commitment and stability. «We are walking on a wire, dancing on the edge. Who cares if we fall, I am all in for this ride.»


With multifaceted soundscapes, blunt lyrics and the velvety-soft voice of singer Kim, WE ARE AVA processes their existence with all its ups, downs and insecurities into intoxicating, dream-dancing synth-pop. It’s the discrepancy between catchy power songs and spherical fragility that makes the group, formed in 2018, unique. After their initial national reach with the debut EP Feel Them Listening. 2019, the band followed up with their debut album Inner Gardening in September 2021, which landed directly in the Top 50 of the Swiss album charts with a more mature, poppy and yet disarming sound. The 34.52-minute soul trip brought the eastern Swiss recognition as Best Crushing Newcomer (by 20 minutes), which was followed by a nomination for the Swiss Music Award 2022 in the same category, as well as a nomination for Best Emerging Talent 2022 by Swiss Live Talents.
Andy, Nicola and Kim already performed at over 90 live concerts with their captivating energy and their clear love of the stage. For example, they played on the main stages of festivals such as the Quellrock Openair, Openair Lumnezia, Openair am Greifensee, Musicdays Steffisburg as well as on the Piazza Piccola at the Moon&Stars Festival, to name just a few.
Recently, WE ARE AVA delivered five new, fresh pop songs in form of the EP B-Side, which is once again characterized by AVA’s synth-heavy sound, however, also strikes new notes. The minialbum, as well as the single You (May 2023), surprises with an organic, analog warmth as well as a pinch of roughness and rawness. Kim’s voice seems more mature and set, her stories get more depth and honesty.

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