17th January 2020 MUVE_VC

YOKKO releases Soliva II EP today

Swiss alternative rock band YOKKO finally release Soliva II

The continuance of Soliva (part 1) is here, we can’t wait to showing you the 5 new songs!

Three of the five songs have been released previously as a single, so you might know them.

We’d like to focus on the song “Diamonds” which is YOKKO’s focus track on Soliva II. Diamonds is an hommage to every person that helps you in a dark and difficult moment of life. Your problems are like stones in your rucksack, when you are strong enough to let them out, to let your people around you know about them, to bring them out to the daylight – they act like Diamonds. They’re fading in the sunlight, thanks to the help of your beloved ones you’ll be able to fight them and to find the way back into a normal and happy life.

Soliva II (EP) is available on every digital platform, just choose your favorite one by clicking on this link https://muve.ffm.to/soliva2.

Be strong, accept help from others.

If you want to see the guys live please visit their homepage www.yokko.tv/live. They have just come back from their Japan tour and will continue touring this springtime, mostly in Switzerland. Check all the new and actual dates on the link above.

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