16th April 2021 MUVE_AP

CRIMER delivering new material

new songs from upcoming album

CRIMER – New singles

I want you to know & Home Alone

In «I Want You To Know», CRIMER for the first time lifts the veil from his vulnerable side. From the struggle with his very own artistry springs a hopeful ballad which is also so torn that one can’t help wonder if this might be the last we heard from CRIMER.

There’s a lot of uncovering in «I Want You To Know». The singing, battered as though it sounds, radiates with strength, perfectly embedded with the sturdy, humming synthesizers. Somber beats start picking up half-way through, pushing CRIMER’s lion-hearted falsetto into the light at the finale.

CRIMER did the most crucial work on «I Want You To Know» in a London home studio. The set-up is this tiny living room in this typical brick building, about as far away from this city’s luxury and pomp as the moon is from the sun. All that’s left to fill are the cracks, and to get in now, things need to be granular. The stacks of dusty synths lift the ceiling just enough for this touching song to unfold. It is the first sign of CRIMER’s new full length Album «FAKE NAILS» which is to be released this autumn (2021).



You take a fair amount of iridescent angelic choirs, add a bold dash of CRIMER baritone (the original, of course) for proper substance and top it off with a rascally guitar solo. You finally chuck that bottle of tears from your last fight or puff them in soap bubbles into the netherworld at last. Voilà, you have plated yourself a saccharine pop goody for a pleasant evening «Home Alone». So get your feet up, drop the needle, and hold yourself a little.

CRIMER’s guitarist and old crony, Moritz Schädler, injected this feel-good track with his signature roguish wit that also takes command as soon as the band steps up before a live audience. It’s a rare thing experiencing CRIMER in such a euphorically naïve state – but, boy, it definitely is something our guy can show up with.

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