19th April 2024 MUVE_VC

Tobias Jensen – Where Is It You’re Running!?

new single out now

Tobias Jensen releases the last single off of his debut album

‘Where Is It You’re Running!?’ is a reflection about why our society is constantly in a hurry..

Who wouldn’t want to take the plunge, follow their dreams and leave the grey everyday life behind…? The Swiss/Danish Tobias Jensen, who was named “Best Talent” by Swiss radio SRF 3 in November 2020, has consistently followed this path since his youth and has never looked back.
After countless stage appearances and initial chart successes with his former band, Tobi has been increasingly active as an ambitious solo artist since 2020.

And his success has proven him right: thousands of airplays, live interviews on private and public radio stations, as well as numerous international blogs and playlist placements on Top Of The Morning, Pop Brandneu, New Music Friday Germany, Fresh Finds GSA and New Music Friday Switzerland have paved the way for his next career step.

His next single ‘Where Is It You’re Running!?’ is OUT NOW and is the last release before his long awaited debut album ‘What Needs to Be Said’ will be out on 31 May.

Tobi’s songs tell of his everyday life, and these stories of love, friendship and loss go straight to the heart. He deals with the passing of a loved one, the realisation that we come a little closer to the end with every passing day, or he describes the feeling of once close friends slowly drifting apart.
The singer does not shy away from confronting serious topics or questioning his environment. Nevertheless, he manages to transform longing and melancholy into beautiful pop songs that are also able to convey confidence and positive strength.

And so he did with his new single:
“It seems as if we are constantly chasing something in our lives, as if we are always in a race. But – what is it that we are chasing? Where are we running to? Is it something material, or the fear of missing out on something, even a lost love, the desire for more? Will we ever reach a destination before we realise that happiness is sometimes right in front of our eyes and that our lives take place in the here and now?”

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