14th September 2023 MUVE_VC

First single off of Tobias Jensens’ album

Closer Closer Closer is out now

Tobias Jensen shows the first single off of his upcoming album

“Closer Closer Closer” is finally here. A melancholic, modern pop song!

The singer-songwriter Tobias Jensen, who has been voted “Best Talent” by Swiss Radio SRF3, reflects on his Danish roots with his first new pop single “Closer Closer Closer,” a track that sounds very different and resembles neon lights in a steaming fog. The song is taken from the forthcoming album, which will showcase an innovative songwriting style, combining catchy melodies with dreamy soundscapes.

His friends and fellow musicians Nemo, Noah Veraguth, Tim Wettstein and bonboi wrote and produced this track with him.

Having been signed by muve recording and LIVANA MUSIC Publishing since July 2023, Tobias is looking forward to taking the next st ep in his career.

A glance at the past: In the years following his graduation from high school, he worked in a recording studio in Zürich and also recorded his debut album with his first band, Karavann. For financial stability, he began working part time a s a mascot, writing songs for other artists, and mostly ate oatmeal. While surfing Karavann’s success, he started working as a roadie and got to know some well known bands. As a result of his newly acquired knowledge and inspiration, he recorded his first solo EP. Against all his expectations, Tobias Jensen was selected as the “Best Talent” by Swiss national radio SRF3. Tobias Jensen’s passion for music and the joy it brings him has been a source of great strength, even when times have been difficult, and he continues to pursue his dreams with passion and enthusiasm. Those lucky enough to walk alongside him will be rewarded with a loyal companion who has a strong appreciation for life’s many blessings.

Watch the videoclip right below this text.

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