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Ella Soto – Player Girl (Single / Remix)

Ella Soto

Ella Soto – Player Girl

New single & featuring with Laskaar

There is no need to have a doctorate in musicology to discern those who pose and those who dare to give it all. Ella Soto comes to light in the second category. Born 26 years ago in a beautiful lakeside town in Switzerland, the young woman is a contender. With roots from her Uruguayan osteopath father and her Swiss mother who became a shaman, Ella gained ability to move forward with her head in the stars while keeping her feet on the ground.
She is like an Amazon, fighting for a better world where music remains the crucial antidote to escape sorrows and gather beyond the prevailing macho culture. But what genre of sound are we discussing here? For convenience, we will call it r’n’b, or even soul. Identifiable at first, it is however unique, groovy, urban, and euphoric, as the songs of her upcoming debut album prove.
Whether she explores new sounds in the cocoon of a studio, produces wicked video clips, or hits the stage with this mixture of energy and spontaneity that make those moments unique, Ella Soto engraves everlasting memories. The mark of an artist, a true one of a kind, who’s various daunting moments encountered during her teen years only reinforced her conviction. A belief that by moving forward freely in the heart of a sonic jungle, looking for the eternal groove, you can build a totally unique universe. Ella Soto has found the rhythms and words to awaken bodies and enchant souls. It’s simple, it’s rare. It takes no effort to remember her name, once you’ve experienced her music.

Ella’s new single “Player Girl” ft. Laskaar is coming out on Nov29 2019
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