3rd August 2023 MUVE_VC

Netflix and Spotify support for a distributed song


Maella and Rory Hope’s song has international support

“Losing Game” is a success story that started with a Netflix series.

A love in which you can’t win regardless of the outcome. A game in which they have full control of your emotions which keeps you running back even though you’ve had enough – this is “Losing Game”.

The songwriters Pele, Maella, and Rory joined forces at an international writing camp to create the track “Losing Game” in just one day. Its success soared when the song was featured in the acclaimed US Netflix series “Love is Blind” in early 2023. It led to numerous requests for its commercial release and both artists, Maella and Rory Hope, wanted to give it a try. Now, the song has found a new home on the extremely popular US Netflix show “Temptation Island”… TWICE (season 5, episode 7 and 8 which aired on July 26th)! As a result of the song’s successes, the team is thrilled to be able to finally release the song on all major streaming channels. We are happy to be the distributor on this and to be part of this amazing team!

Losing Game is now officially available on all streaming platforms: https://manifester.ffm.to/losinggame

Spotify added the track to the following two editorial playlists:

Equal CZ&SK

New Music Friday CZ&SK

On Tidal you can find the song on the following list:
New Arrivals Switzerland 

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