19th July 2019 MUVE_AP

PULL N WAY – more releases

Various Pull n Way releases

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The Swiss girl duo Pull n Way is keeping their pace with several releases. After the amazing debut album “Colours“, they dropped another video/single named “Memento” and the follow-up single “Infinity”. An additional Henrikz remix of “Memento” came out on June 14 on MUVE and QUATTRO Music (Warner Nordics).
A couple of live gigs have been held or are upcoming, too. Their next step is to work on new single material and to keep growing their fanpase both on Instagram and Spotify.

Follow these talented 20-year-old ladies here and check out their music. Pull n Way is probably one of the most international sounding projects Switzerland has to offer right now.

PULL N WAY - more releases
PULL N WAY - more releases
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