1st December 2020 MUVE_AP

We are AVA [Indie Pop/Electronica]

New single & video

Amazing new single & video “Mine”

«Don’t tell me it’s fine ‘cause in my head it’s not. Don’t hold me so close ‘cause I can’t breathe when you’re near me.»

After releasing their debut EP in autumn 2019, WE ARE AVA put two strong, power pop songs on the table in 2020: vibe and usually. The third song of their single series, mine, will be released in November and represents a novelty for the band – a ballad.

“You aren’t mine.” – the song describes the feeling of emptiness and pain arising when the love that you’ve dreamed of shatters into a thousand pieces and the painted future runs through your fingers like sand. All that remains is incomprehension and disappointment and the briefly forgotten self-doubts slowly fight their way back to the surface. “I could have been yours, but it was not enough. I was not enough…”

What first disguises as a classical piano ballad turns out to be gloomy, electronic soul food for misty autumn days. mine complements the previous AVA releases with a new look but clear stylistic fidelity.

Download or stream it here: https://muveon.ffm.to/mine

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