12th February 2021 MUVE_AP

WE ARE AVA: New Single out now!

Conquer Me

Conquer Me – new single & video

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«Oh, baby I want you to start a war, you to see through all my lies. And baby how much I want you to tear me down, you to show me what is real. I want you to conquer me.»

After WE ARE AVA released three strong, emotional electro-pop songs – Vibe, Usually, and Mine – in 2020, they proceed with a new one called Conquer Me. It gives a first glimpse of everything the band wants to share with the world in 2021 and also of the debut album, which will be released this upcoming fall.
«You shake up my world, you rip it apart, not sure if it’s hell or heaven. It’s the way that you fight, the way you break all the rules, can’t help but put my weapons down.»

Conquer Me, potentially the catchiest song of the three Swiss musicians, speaks of a spirited, passionate relationship that breaks old patterns and creates space for something new: «You break all my shields until I get lost, until I want to surrender.»

With a feeling of freedom, longing, and adventure, the song also focuses on the ambivalence of the relationship: insecurity and dependence are willingly accepted for the thrill of it. A song to dance to through the apartment and sing loudly in the evening.

WE ARE AVA: New Single out now!

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